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    Perfusion Solution will assist your surgeons by reaping the biological benefits of autologus stem cells.

    Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate Stem Cells
    Human stem cells have the capability to self-replicate or differentiate into the cell types that make up all tissues and organs of the human body. Under normal conditions, the human body has sufficient stem cells to support natural tissue maintenance and healing, but often lacks the quantity of stem cells necessary to successfully regenerate severely damaged tissues. Harvest’s stem cell development strategy seeks to overcome this shortage of stem and regenerative cells by concentrating “hidden” populations of the patient‘s own stem cells in a point-of-care setting for treatments to promote tissue repair and regeneration.

    Stem Cell Sources
    There are numerous sources of human stem cells. Adult stem cells are the least controversial and may be collected from the bone marrow, blood or other tissues. The system utilizes only bone marrow-derived stem cells obtained from the Ileum in a minimally invasive process. The cells are not chemically manipulated or cultured risking cell viability or their ability to regenerate damaged tissue.

    Autologous Regenerative Cells (ARC’s)
    ARC’s are harvested from a specific patient and returned to the same patient in a point-of-care procedure. As patients receive their own cells, there is no concern of rejection or need for immunosuppressive drugs. ARC’s integrate effectively and interact with the surrounding tissue to promote healing.

    The Harvest System provides significantly higher cellular yields and the treatment effect is greater compared to Ficoll. ARC’s are not removed from their natural plasma environment which sustain functionality and may support paracrine mechanisms that regulate cell homing, transmigration, and differentiation.

    ARC’s as Therapeutics
    Adult stem cells have a long history of human use as therapeutics beginning with bone marrow transplantation, and continuing with cell-based clinical trials focused on tissue repair.

    Harvest seeks to leverage the history and therapeutic potential of bone marrow stem cells by producing a mixed population of stem and early stage progenitor cells that are capable of differentiating into a variety of tissues. The key advantage of Harvest ARC’s is that the number of multi-potent stem, progenitor, and other regenerative cells are significantly concentrated in the patient’s own physiological plasma in a point-of-care procedure within 15 minutes.