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  • Cardiac Surgery Cannula

    Perfusion Solution provides your facility with all cannula required for cardiac surgery. Our goal is to work with your team to remove any excess inventory off the shelf. Seldom utilized items that expire before they are used can be ordered in single units to reduce operational costs. Seldom utilized items are held in inventory and not charged until utilized.

    Cardiac Surgery Disposables

    Perfusion Solution, Inc. utilizes a patented single source perfusion pack. Our Smart Pack contains everything you need to perform a procedure and removes an average of 12 items from your inventory.

    Some items replaced by Cardiac Surgery Disposables include:

    • Oxygenator
    • Tubing
    • Centrifugal Pump Head
    • Cardioplegia Delivery System
    • Vacuum Assisted Venous Drainage Kit
    • Inline Blood Gas Monitoring Sensors
    • One-way safety valves
    • All Required Connectors

    General Surgery Disposables

    Perfusion Solution supplies an array of general surgery disposable. Our distribution agreements with all manufacturers and  volume discounts will provide significant savings for your facility.

    Clinical regulator