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    Our services include, but are not limited to:

    • General, critical and complex respiratory care services
    • Neonatal, pediatric and adult critical care
    • Patient education and coordinating discharge planning
    • Pulmonary rehabilitation
    • Newborn transport deliveries


    Respiratory Therapist- Rural Staffing Initiative (Critical Access Hospital Focused)

    The demand for Respiratory Care services continues to grow, making it difficult to maintain staffing without exorbitant travel contracts.  PSI has a team of highly trained and Regionalized Respiratory Therapists that could be deployed when needed by Ascension Health. 

    The Objective

    • Need #1: Provide consistent and streamlined RT staffing to Critical Assess locations. 
    • Need #2: Maximize CMS reimbursement capture- specific to Respiratory Therapist DRGs. 
    • Need #3: Increase patient satisfaction and safety.
    • Need #4: Decrease overall census burden to hub locations. 
    • Need #5: Increase provider and nursing satisfaction and safety. 
    • Need #6: Increase the ability for the CAH to provide more acute services and procedures. 
    • Need #7: Increase customer satisfaction by decreasing the need to be transferred outside of their community. 


    The Opportunity

    • Goal #1: Utilize a “pool” of regionally located RTs to provide cross-coverage to all Critical Assess locations. 
    • Goal #2: Within the scope of the RTs license, RT services can be reimbursed at a higher rate. 
    • Goal #3: Allow patients to be treated for many respiratory diseases within their community.  
    • Goal #4: Increasing utilization of the CAHs resources will decrease the burden on the hub location.
    • Goal #5: By providing Rt services, nurses and providers can be unburdened and better supported clinically. 
    • Goal #6: Significant cost savings by utilizing an inclusive staffing model.
    • Goal #7: Organic growth of procedures and triage. 


    The Benefits of a Partnership with PSI

    • Access to pool of highly trained, board-certified Respiratory Therapy staff
    • No long-term contracts such as those with other travel companies.
    • Ability to fill vacancies within a pre-existing RT schedule or the complete outsourcing of the RT department.  
    • Hospital leadership is welcome to continue to contract with other staffing companies as needed.
    • No burdensome exclusive or non-compete contracts.