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    Cardiac Surgery

    Let Perfusion Solution show you how to improve cardiac surgery outcomes and reduce costs associated with your cardiac surgery program.

    Blood Management Strategies

    Every transfusion is an organ transplant. Perfusion Solution can provide you strategies that will decrease blood utilization in all surgical procedures autotransfusion, autologous platelet gels and haemostatic agents

    General Operating Room

    Our expertise in surgical services is not limited to cardiac surgery.  We provide staffing, supplies and blood management strategies for all your surgical procedures as well as cardiac cath lab support.

    Inventory Reduction Strategies

    Perfusion Solution utilizes a patented single source perfusion pack. This system will remove up to fifty items from your current inventory. Perfusion Solution supplies you seldom used items in eaches. This will decrease the volume of your inventory and waste from expired products.

    Database Management

    Public reporting of cardiac outcomes is rapidly expanding and Perfusion Solution will help with expertise in database management and provide a record of improving outcomes. We can utilize our quality improvement process to focus on a problem area while improving overall outcomes.

    Legal and Professional Consulting

    Perfusion Solution staff have extensive experience as medical malpractice witnesses and can offer you an unbiased opinion on legal cases. Our professional witness team have on average 20 years of clinical perfusion experience.

    Perfusionist at work